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Lee Aflalo

Businesswoman, manager and owner of a strategic consulting office for beauty and lifestyle brands

An expert in the development of value-added products in the beauty and nutritional supplements industry,  Identifies trends and guides businesses to success.
Manager of the LEELA Facebook community in the field of beauty, fashion and femininity Lee, who founded the WOW cosmetics chain stores in 10 fingers already in the early 20s
A chain that at its peak had 60 branches in Israel nationwide, and hundreds of points selling in south Africa. After 15 years of intensive and successful work, made an exit for billionaire Teddy Sagi. The chain, which was sold for tens of millions, gave me financial peace and the possibility to think about the next step…

I see my work as a mission
Even at Wow, the customer was always the highest value in my eyes
I always tried to serve her faithfully

To bring beauty trends and fashion trends accessible in fine quality that meets strict regulatory standards, all at an accessible price

More than once, I had to face challenges, and from those cases I learn and grow – I can promise you that what is certain is that I went with my truth, I ignored background noises and knew that the end of persistence – success!

And so it was, now it is important for me to go deeper

To give my clients, my princesses as I like to call them, a real, honest, complete grooming experience

To provide a care routine solution from the inside and outside

We yearn for a tense, fresh, radiant facial skin

We want long, flowing, full hair

And the years… the intense lifestyle, pregnancies, births, stress, lack of sleep, failure to adhere to a full and healthy diet, lack of drinking, air pollution and so on do not help us fulfill our desires.

So it is true that there are complete care series, with active ingredients, peptides and a rich concentration of vitamins and minerals that provides good nourishment to the facial skin

The field of beauty does not rest for a moment and reinventing itself news for mornings

But at the same time… it is necessary to work from within

give the body in a concentrated manner and on a regular basis the amino acids, proteins, collagen, vitamins and antioxidants that will help it to do a good and significant job and a result that is already visible in 8-12 weeks

This is where I come into the picture, with a new brand

As usual young, kicking, real, honest, uncompromising and at the same time super feminine

We can be beautiful and delicate – but absolutely uncompromising

And it goes together

These are exactly the values that LEELA Beauty Formula will give you in your daily life

As an expert in the field, I went through the formulas: ingredient by ingredient, I did not compromise on concentrations…

I am not a commercial brand just looking to make a decent gross profit

Trust me… I have added value

And the sincere care from you! From your confidence in me! This requires me to be responsible to you for the results.

And quality is important to me

And the motivation to use on daily basis is important to me

And the result is important to me

And it is important to me that the price is reasonable and rewarding

So after all this introduction…

What is my beauty brand all about?

You are invited to be impressed by the variety of products:

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