Beautifulee Anti-Aging Roller

Beautifulee derma roller needles help to stimulate the blood, renew the skin, maximize the penetration of active substances and encourage collagen production.

Beautifulee derma roller device with 540 thin titanium needles that help stimulate the blood, renew and firm the skin, maximize natural collagen production, and produce a significant 200-fold absorption of the care products that come on top of them. Regular use will give you a significant improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, in the firmness of the skin, in its flexible texture , and absorption of the care materials.

0.25mm Needles: 74.9 NIS

0.5mm Needles: 74.9 NIS

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Over the years, the production of collagen, one of the most important proteins and its role in keeping the skin flexible and strong, gradually decreases. The result: wrinkles and dry skin. The use of a derma roller encourages the skin to regenerate and to create new collagen and elastin and thus may dramatically improve the appearance of the skin and wrinkles. Also, the use helps to blur post-acne scars, reduce the appearance of pores, and increases the absorption efficiency of skin care products

Beautifulee derma roller contains 540 thin needles of size 0.25 mm or 0.5 mm, the penetration of the needles produces a controlled and gentle burn injury which stimulates the skin to regenerate.

The roller is suitable for mature skin or skin with post-acne scars, skin that suffers from pigmentation

From the age of 16 and over

It is recommended to use Ben 3-4 times a week
Once a day a relaxing massage of at least 10 repetitions on the places that need improvement

It is important to use with a disinfected product, and on a clean face
The roller can be washed under a stream of warm water to create a more pleasant contact with the skin
For the roller wheel back and forth and diagonally in the area of the forehead, chin and cheeks.
Avoid the area of the eyelids, nose or lips.
After the massage, apply a rich serum or serum and cream for perfect absorption and relaxation.

Do not apply make-up or sun protection cream after the massage – they contain substances that are not recommended for deep absorption

The roller must be disinfected between uses
The product is personal and cannot be transferred from one person to another
When the product becomes old – it must be replaced
Keep out of reach of children

Do not use on injured / irritated / tattooed skin

My tip

A needle roller is perfect for those who want to maximize results, see the improvement in their presence if it is blurring of post-acne scars, accelerating growth in balding areas, treating pigmentation. Can be used spot-on and not all over the face, these are exactly in the desired area. After the massage, apply the therapeutic preparation and know that you did the maximum for yourself and for your beauty routine.

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