Perfectlee Hairbrush

A high-quality hair brush, which prevents shedding and maintains the health of the scalp

Lee-La’s princesses, how happy I am to let you try a perfect hair brush!
That gives a real quality of life! You don’t break your hair with a brush, you don’t polish your scalp, does not hurt when combing, helps in loosening knots, brushes the hair without “tangles”, gives the appearance of brushed and full hair, the brush that every household will be addicted to from the very first use!

Single Hairbrush: 49.9 NIS

Dual Pack: 89.8 NIS

Triple Pack: 119.7 NIS

שקופית קודמת
שקופית הבאה

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This hair brush contains fibers that are pleasant to the touch, the brush has a large and flat rectangular head and is therefore suitable for detangling long and straight hair. It is also suitable for blow-drying the hair, provided you do not want to create significant volume. Also excellent for hair extensions and wigs.

The brush is suitable for all hair types including thick/curly hair
Suitable for women / men / children

You don’t need to brush 100 times a day: that’s a myth. Quality is important here, not quantity.

Once a month it is recommended to thoroughly clean the brush from the rest of the design materials stuck to it, dust and remove hairs that were caught in it.
At first, you can remove most of the hairs with your hand, then with soap (we recommend dish soap because it removes grease) to clean the brush together with warm water that dissolves dirt and helps to remove the remaining hairs trapped in the brush. After thorough cleaning, leave to dry in a shaded place.

The brush is suitable for combing on dry / moist hair.

Start brushing the hair from the ends, and slowly move upwards, towards the roots. After you have loosened the knots, brush several times from the roots to the ends, to spread the natural oils of the hair throughout.

My tip

First of all, I must tell you that this is a real “home peace” brush! Helps to maintain an amazing morning and after-shower routine with my girls who don’t complain that it hurts, bothers or has cramps…
For me, the brush provides a lifeline for a neat look, when I comb the hair that is dry, the brush helps shape it and gives it an aesthetic volume.

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