Perfectlee Scalp Massager

A compact and effective scalp massager for massaging the scalp, stimulating the blood and thoroughly cleaning for the purpose of encouraging and accelerating hair growth and treating the scalp.

Who doesn’t want beautiful, flowing, shiny hair? Regular use of a perfect scalp massager from Lee-La will help thoroughly clean the scalp, open the follicles for growth, remove dead cells, help stimulate the blood, which will be an effective external base that will allow hair to grow without obstacles.

Single Massager: 44.9 NIS

Dual Pack: 79.8 NIS

Triple Pack: 104.7 NIS

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Scalp massage is a technique designed for people suffering from hair loss, in order to prevent hair from weakening as well as to encourage new growth. This is a particularly common natural treatment, which also has scientific evidence. A scalp massage in itself can help strengthen the hair root, and in combination with the Perfectlee hair growth nutritional supplement we will be able to increase the effect and lead to healthier, fuller and stronger hair.

Perfectlee scalp massager gives you a thorough cleaning and massage of the scalp area. Regular use of the product will help you from the outside to encourage hair growth, the weak follicles will be strengthened, the hair that will grow will be stronger, healthier and thicker. The scalp will be healthier and cleaner.

The benefits of scalp massage when it comes to strengthening the hair and preventing baldness are many, and these are some of them:

Increasing blood flow:
many reasons for baldness or hair thinning, but often one of the problems is the failure of sufficient nutrients to reach the hair roots located in the scalp. Therefore, increasing blood flow to the scalp through regular massage, using a scalp massager, can lead to hair strengthening and increased hair growth.

Changing the genes in the massage area:
A Japanese study found that a regular scalp massage of just a few minutes a day leads to a change in gene expression in the areas of the scalp that were massaged. The traction forces applied during a scalp massage lead to the strengthening of the activity of the genes that contribute to hair growth, as well as to the reduction of the activity of the genes that lead to the weakening of the hair.

Stress relief:
The scalp is a particularly sensitive area, which leads to the fact that scalp massage also affects other areas of the body, besides the scalp itself. Similar to a regular massage, the effects of which go beyond the areas of the organ being massaged at that moment, a scalp massage also helps to reduce stress and increase calmness. There is a known connection between stress and hair thinning, so this function of scalp massage may also be beneficial in relation to hair growth.

The scalp massage leads to increased blood flow to the hair root, encouraging natural processes that strengthen the root, and reducing stress associated with hair thinning.

The massage is mainly suitable for thinning hair, or suffering from baldness/loss

From the age of 21 or older or when, due to a hormonal / psychological change, significant shedding has begun.

It is recommended to use on a daily basis

Use while bathing:

The advantages of using Lee-La’s scalp massage brush while showering are in thorough scalp cleaning, and a deeper penetration of the therapeutic care products. And so we will get better results and in less time.
Apply shampoo all over the hair, and massage the shampoo in circular motions with the brush for 3-5 minutes
Then rinse well and continue with the nourishing or moisturizing products for the hair.
For long hair it is recommended to first massage the shampoo with your hands and start with the brush when all the hair is already lifted with the shampoo.
Don’t forget to emphasize the sparse areas in the bay areas & at the top of the head.

Use after bathing on wet hair:

Squeeze the hair and comb well. When there are no knots in the hair, move a Lee-La massage brush in straight movements from top to bottom along the scalp. Only straight movements are suitable for massaging on wet and clean hair

Use on dry hair:

The hair can be combed or massaged in circular motions It is recommended to focus on the sparse areas only Because massage on dry hair mainly helps to accelerate growth due to the acceleration of blood circulation

My tip

My personal and professional opinion is that using Lee-La’s scalp massage brush will help increase hair volume and strengthen it. The use stimulates the hair follicles to live and they will help to grow thicker hair. The frequent use also helps to expand the blood vessels under the skin and thus encourages the acceleration of growth
. It is important to persist with the massage for at least several months (since this is the time needed to start seeing results), remember that the life cycle of hair takes several months, so the results are not immediate. Persistence leads to success!

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