Shipping Policy

Shipping method

Delivery time

Shipping cost for orders from 199 NIS or more

Shipping cost for orders under199 NIS

Shipping company

Courier Door-to-Door

Up to 5 business days


24.90 NIS

Courier company

* Delivery to the home is active in all parts of the country, the delivery is made from the next business day from the moment the order is approved by the credit company, on business days only. The business day ends at 18:00.

A customer who is not at home when the courier arrives can authorize the courier to leave the courier near the door or in the electrical cabinet. In this case, the company will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss and/or other indirect/consequential damage of any kind, caused to the shipment as a result.

The shipping method

Products purchased on the LEELA beauty formula website are delivered to the customer, via a courier, to the delivery address (home delivery), which was entered during the purchase. The products are delivered by an external delivery company.

Shipping areas

The delivery of the products to the delivery address is made for addresses within the State of Israel only and is subject to reasonable accessibility (infrastructure, security restrictions, etc.).

Notwithstanding the above, it may not be possible to provide deliveries to certain settlements in Israel (including according to the instructions and policies of the external delivery company) even though those settlements are included in the territory of the State of Israel.

Leela aflalo Ltd. is entitled to change and update the shipping costs from time to time and the mandatory information in this regard will be presented to the customer when placing the order on the website.

The shipping costs detailed above do not include unusual transportation (transportation that requires additional personnel or special measures) and/or shipping outside the borders of the State of Israel. In the case of abnormal transport as mentioned above, Leela aflalo Ltd. will be entitled to cancel the order at its discretion, or offer the customer to carry out the delivery at an additional cost.

The cost of shipping fees, if there is one, will appear in a separate section on the transaction invoice that will be handed over to the customer.

Delivery time and days of operation

The days of operation of the delivery service are: Sunday-Thursday. Delivery service hours vary depending on the delivery area.

The delivery of the product will be made within 5-7 business days from the business day on which the order was received and processed on the Leela aflalo Ltd. Inc website, this is with the exception of delivery to addresses in the list of several remote settlements.

All orders are processed and shipped on business days only (Sunday to Thursday, not including holiday eves and public holidays). Orders received in the system on Friday or Saturday will only be processed on the following Sunday.

Leela aflalo Ltd. will not be responsible for any damage due to delay and/or delay caused as a result of force majeure, a third party and/or circumstances or events beyond its control.

Coordinating the forwarder

Coordination of the delivery date of the products to the delivery address is done independently by the shipping company.

To optimize the delivery, we recommend that the delivery address you enter be an address where you are most of the time (residential address, workplace, etc.). We also recommend that when entering your details, you indicate a location to leave the shipment in the “Where to leave the shipment in case there is no response?” field, where you can leave the shipment if you are not at the address when the courier arrives. Leela aflalo Ltd. will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss or other indirect or consequential damage of any kind caused to the shipment as a result of leaving the shipment at the alternate location.

If the customer did not specify an alternative location to leave the shipment, the shipping company will make another attempt to coordinate the shipment and then the shipment will be returned to Leela aflalo Ltd. If a return shipment is required, the customer will be charged the full cost of the return shipment.

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