Living Beautifully

An empowerment book that is a guide for mothers and daughters to create a constructive discourse on the subject of external and internal beauty and its meaning in our lives

The tool that will give you and her the opportunity for introspection, moments of quality and magic to build a solid and healthy personality that will drive success and self-fulfillment. The emphasis in my brand was to combine inner and outer beauty. And indeed so, the nutritional supplements that work from the inside to really enhance the outer beauty. There is no doubt that emphasizing the building of the personality has the power to produce external beauty, charisma and visible confidence. When the external beauty also comes from paying attention to your self-actualization as a woman, and giving expression to your personality and your interests on a daily basis. Only in this way will you be able to flourish and give full space to those around you and not just to please…

Living Beautifully - The Book: 98 NIS

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My professional life allowed me to create an intimate relationship with many women, both those that I had the privilege of managing and those that were clients and more. The continuous contact with the women and the feedback received from them always brought up the point of the desire for self-realization, maximizing the potential in each one alongside many insecurities, excuses or concerns. All of these, together with the tools that I gained in building my personality over the years, led me to the desire to put the experience on the page because everything is possible.

Because that’s where the seeds begin to germinate and if we invest with dedication we will help build a personality that will be rooted, cohesive and firm so that it will have the power to grow upward. The Milovvitch Rabbi said that redemption will come when women understand their meaning and know how to recognize their worth. For me, this is a milestone on the way to this lofty goal.

In this book I invite you, dear mother, to experience magical moments with your private princess. The book “Live Beautifully” will help you and your daughter in creating a relaxing and meaningful anchor in your daily life. Beyond the experiential reading, it is about the possibility of creating a discourse on the central issues in the world of every girl, girl and woman – some of which are surely shared by you and her.

“My princess, your princess, really, really yours to yourself…” In the story you will get to know the girl Lee-La and her agenda with her mother, who knows how to fulfill herself on the one hand and on the other hand to be the most attentive mother to her. You are invited to join Lee-La and her mother and learn how to help your child understand herself and listen to herself.

I invite you, dear mother, to read together with your daughter. During the reading you will discover the milestones and guiding questions for establishing a good relationship with your child. The conversation will allow the two of you to get closer to each other and practice an intimate conversation that we don’t always find the time for. The conversation is important, as it is possible that following it a major topic that concerns you or her will emerge.

It is not always easy for us to generate introspection today (even for us, the adults). In an age where distractions take over us, even when we manage to peel back the layers, the ability to concentrate and the moments of intimacy with our children are few and far between. Introspection is something that is important for us to teach our daughters, and it is a skill that takes time and requires practice.

Reading the book will give you the opportunity to experience introspection together with the one dearest to you. The added value you both will get from your private time together will give real quality to your relationship, and I have no doubt that you will both learn a lot about each other.

A mirror is attached to the book. It is recommended to use it while reading to create closeness and to experience together (mother and daughter) both from the external point of view and from the internal point of view. The use of the mirror will also increase the experience and the feelings that follow it

At the beginning of the book there is a glossary that is important for us to get to know, understand and, as a result, to also include.
And a coloring book for illustrations that will make your princess apply the experience from her point of view.

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